7 Thrusting Modes Heating Masturbator Cup Male Stroker for big dick

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[ 7 THRUSTING MODES ]The special thrust function gives you the strongest impact force. This is definitely not a gentlewoman. She is super lustful and longs for your penis. Go deep into the deepest part of the vagina and feel the stimulation of your clitoris from 7 different modes of thrusting force. The rich particles slide around on your penis, giving you more pleasure.

[ HEATING ] Apply a lot of lubricating fluid inner, you will be easier to enter the channel, and more likely to feel the uneven particles inside. Turn on the heating button of the toy. Simulate the real vaginal temperature of women. Feel the wet and hot inside the tunnel, and feel the most real sex.

[ MOAN ] You can plug in the headphones to enjoy this sexy sound exclusively. Listening to the sexy voice coming from the earphone jack, you will feel more exciting.

The toy is easy to disassemble and take out the inner of the toy directly. Use a toy cleaning solution or warm water to clean the inner of the toy. Dry the channel, assemble and store.


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